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Rudder Lock Tang O-14, CP-14.2, C-15, C-22, C-250

Part #: D1536
Secures the kick-up rudder to the transom when under sail. Without a properly functioning rudder lock tang, the rudder may be lost during a knock down or if you accidentally run aground.
The tang is provided flat. The factory places a bend in the tang at the appropriate spot upon assembly of the rudder. You will need to bend this new tang as well.
Length: 4-3/4"
• Width: 3/4"
• Hole spacing: 1-1/4" center to center
• Hole diameter: 3/16" (for a #10 fastener)
Some rudder installations, particularly newer dinghy kick-up rudders, use 1/4" fasteners to secure the pintle strap to the rudder casting. These same 1/4" fasteners also secure the rudder lock tang to the rudder. If this is true of your rudder, you will need to drill the holes in the tang out to 1/4" diameter.

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