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Rudder Locking Disk Set
C-22, C-250 Kick-Up Rudder

Part #: D1249

Due to a break in the supply chain, this product is currently unavailable.

We have created an improved part as a replacement for the old casting. See "May we also suggest" below and you will be taken to the new part.
This part is not currently available as we have sold the last of the parts available from Catalina Yachts. We are working on a replacement and are going to incorporate some improvements while we are at it. Give our sales staff a call and we'll put you on a list of those who need this part. We will call you Rudder locking disk set for kick up rudder. As you can see, the disk on the left has a hexagonal recess that holds the hex head of the rudder lock bolt captive. Since the disk, when installed, can't rotate, you can tighten the rudder lock handle with only one hand.
Caution: #Z2293 Anti corrosion gel must be applied to the threads and the through bolt where it passes through the rudder cheeks to prevent seizing and corrosion. Failure to do so may make it impossible to remove the bolt from the rudder cheeks in the future. See related part below.

If you have a problem keeping the kick up rudder blade down, try adding a kick-up rudder detent rivet listed below.