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C-250 Wing Keel Fixed Rudder Fiberglass

Part #: E2221
Our Catalina 250 Fixed Fiberglass Rudder is the most advanced rudder of it's kind in the world. This modern fiberglass rudder employs design work that includes a fiberglass hat-section stringer/stiffener, commonly described as an internal fiberglass beam, to provide structural strength and stiffness. As the rudder is loaded during use, this internal beam keeps the outer skins in column relative to each other, allowing the rudder's fiberglass skins to carry the steering loads. During use, these dynamic steering loads are unequal from top to bottom and from lee side to weather side of the rudder surface.
Through the use of the internal reinforcements and heavy-duty fiberglass rudder skins, this rudder design minimizes torsional and lateral deflection, resulting in a precise sailboat handling experience. This is a fixed fiberglass rudder with 1/2" pintles installed. Redesigned to eliminate the foam core or plywood core construction of the original factory rudders. Internal ribs and perimeter reinforcement make it lighter, and less prone to perimeter cracks than the OEM rudder. It is also lighter and stiffer than our HDPE rudder.

Since these rudders are not original equipment and are a more advanced shape, they are not legal for class racing. This relieves us from having to duplicate the old rudder shape. Instead we can offer an improved shape which is an NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) 0012 airfoil. This airfoil is considered by many sailboat designers to be the ideal combination of maximum lift with minimal drag. Owners typically experience much lighter tiller effort, crisper tacking, and improved pointing as a result of the improved airfoil section. You will experience better slow speed maneuverability while docking as well.
• Blade thickness: 1-3/4" (standard rudder is 1-1/2")
• Chord length: 14"
• Overall fiberglass blade length: 69"
1) This rudder is not the original factory rudder. Don't expect it to look like the original factory rudder. This rudder is not only made from a different material, but is also a different shape. The manufacturer of this rudder approached the design with a clean slate and created a rudder with optimal performance and a true NACA airfoil. The dimensions of this rudder will differ from your original rudder. It is the buyer's responsibility to decide if this rudder is appropriate for his of her boat and use.

2) At some unknown point in time,
tiller steered Catalina 250s used a single piece U shaped tiller bracket. If your tiller has this bracket, then you will need to consider other options for making allowances for this thicker 1-3/4" rudder. See "May we also suggest" below for improved tiller straps which can be used in conjunction with the shims supplied, but will most likely require new holes in the tiller, so you might want to consider getting a new tiller as well.

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Caution: Never leave any rudder sitting in the sun in the back of your pickup. With half the rudder immersed while moored, water will dissipate any heat buildup. But while stored, heat may damage the rudder. A Fiberglass rudder may expand and split at the seams. A polyethylene rudder may warp. Always store your rudder out of the direct sun.