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Mast Raising Strap C-250

Part #: Z1776
Mast raising webbing strap for the Catalina 250.

When stepping the mast, position the strap just below the base of the spreaders. Wrap around the mast with the two ends toward the front of the boat. Attach your mast raising line (typically an extension of the trailer winch strap led through a roller on the top of your trailer's bow stop) to the two ends. Prevent the strap from slipping toward the base of the mast by securing it with the main halyard into the loop at the aft end of the strap. Don't allow too much slack in the main halyard as you want to avoid raising the mast by putting a load on the spreader brackets themselves. Remember also that the factory main halyard will stretch
a lot. Way too much in fact.

• Overall Length: 38"
• Width: 1"

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