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T-Bar Retaining Plugs, CP-22, C-250

Part #: E2256
T-bar retaining plugs for the Capri 22 upper shrouds and forestay and Catalina 250 upper and lower shrouds. Sized for 5/32" terminals. Catalina 250s hull numbers 907 and earlier and Capri 22s built before 2012 included these rubber retaining plugs. The rubber plug is inserted above the T-bar and into the mast backing plate to prevent the T-bar from popping out of the mast while stepping and unstepping the mast. Sold as a set of four. The Capri 22 only requires three, you'll have one extra.
Some early Catalina 250s were equiped with 3/16" wire. These retaining plugs are sized for 5/32" wire terminals.