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MastGater Sail Track Gate

Part #: E2011
• Provides a transition across the mast track sail entrance slot.
• Allows sail slides to move past the entrance slot for reefing.
• Reef right down to the gooseneck from the security of the cockpit
• Prevents slides from falling out of the mast track when the sail is doused.
• Installs with 10-24 machine screws provided.
• Easily removed to stow the boom when its time to trailer.
• If you trailer your boat often, order
MastGater Thumb Screw below under "May we also suggest"
• Includes proper size drill and tap for easy installation.

• Mounting plate height: 2"
• Overall height (including rods): 3"
• Mounting hole spacing center to center: 1"
• Maximum sail gate slot height: 3"
• Minimum sail gate slot height: 2"
1) Verify the slot dimensions on your mast to make sure these will work. Although the sail track entrance slot is milled into your mast with a milling machine, it was not done with 21st century digital technology. There is some variation in the height of the sail entrance slot from one mast to the next.

We fabricate our MastGater with rods that extend from the top and bottom of the mounting plate. The rods mimic the shape of the bead extruded to the inside of the mast track for a smooth transition between the mast and MastGater. The majority of masts require the length of the rods be trimmed at installation to accommodate the difference in the height of the entrance slots.

2) The most recent Catalina 250's built were equipped with a Seldén rig. These boats require different mast fittings.

• Catalina 250 hulls 1004 and up

These later boats require a different part found below titled
Mast Gate Sail Track Gate, Seldén Rig C-22, CP-22, C-250 listed under "may we also suggest"

May we also suggest