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Spreader Boot Kit Rubber C-250

Part #: E1692
Protect the leech of your genoa from chafe at the ends of the spreaders. Also protects your mains'l when you are on a run and the sail is out against the spreaders.
Kit includes:
• 1 pair of spreader boots.
• 27 yards of waxed sail twine to whip the boots around the shrouds and spreaders.
• A full roll of our premium, self amalgamating rigging tape (plenty for this project plus extra for use around the boat). Use the tape over the whipping to secure the sail twine and add protection from the sun.

These boots are a bit easier to install than traditional leather spreader boots, but the rubber doesn't last in the sun as long. See "May we also suggest" below for our custom leather spreader boots to fit your particular boat.

Always leave a little space surrounding the upper shrouds. A tight grip around the wire prevents the shroud from sliding through the spreader tip. This could cause a bent spreader when the mast is stepped again after having been de-rigged for inspection or trailering.