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Bimini, Aluminum Tubes & Plastic Hardware, Sunbrella Fabric, Royal Blue Tweed

Part #: Z2573
When you need a patch of shade, there is no substitute for a bimini.

• Royal Blue Tweed Sunbrella with black piping and black stitching.
• 7/8" round anodized aluminum tubing with plastic hardware. We've all lost our balance on occasion due to an unexpected gust. Since the bimini frame is always close at hand, it is usually what the crew grabs. Aluminum frame biminis will bend under these circumstances.
• Thread - Tex-90/92 Bonded SD Poly 16oz Black Solution Dyed
• Binding – Acrylic Centerfold Binding, 7/8" Black Solution Dyed
• Zipper - YKK-UV #5 Molded, Single Pull Metal, UV resistant, marine grade.
• Sit forward and you're in the shade.
• Sit aft momentarily (as pictured) for a full view of the sails.
• Folds forward of the sliding hatch to see the stars in the evening.
• Includes Sunbrella boot to cover bimini fabric when folded.
Compare the dimensions we provide with what you measure on your boat to check compatibility. Your boat may have additional hardware installed which could affect the bimini's location and/or function. Call our sales staff to find out where you should take measurements and what to watch for before ordering.

Successfully installed aboard:
• Capri 18
• Capri 25
• Catalina 22
• Catalina 25
• Catalina 27
• May fit your Catalina. Compare your dimensions to those found in the "Dimensions" tab above.
• 6' long fore and aft
• 36" high from the foot mounting point.
• Mount anywhere from 73" to 78" apart at the base.
1) This item does not conform to the shipping table in the Shopping Cart. Additional shipping must be calculated. When you place your order we always call with a shipping quote before billing your card. For a quote in advance, just call 800/959-7245.

2) We have the bimini's manufactured in a knockdown configuration so they can be shipped via UPS. This will save you over $200.00 compared to shipping a bimini in a standard configuration via truck freight.

Technical Support

Sunbrella Care, Maintenance, and Features
All you need to know to keep your Sunbrella looking sharp.

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