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Technical Articles

Sevice Intervals; Engine Maintenance and Spares
Items every inboard auxiliary boat should have aboard
Shaft & Coupling Information
Production and fitting for minimum vibration and maximum life.
Maintenance Ignored by the Manual
A short story of disaster barely averted!
Propeller Blade Area
Which is right for your conditions?
The Unknown Filter
You're not the only one whose never heard of it!
Water Pump Replacement on M2-12 Engine
What do I do with all of these extra parts?
Two Versions of the Oberdorfer Pump
How to tell which version you have and which gasket you need.
Identifying the raw water pump on Universal engines
How do I know which kit I need to  order?
Raw Water Pump Replacement for 5411 Engine
What do I do with all of these extra parts?
Water Pump Rebuild Tips
 Helpful tips for a task that requires careful work. Never run the pump dry!
The Unknown Zinc
Without this little guy, saltwater may wreak havoc inside your heat exchanger.
Engine Warning Alarm System
Why isn't there a high temperature alarm on my engine?
Engine Wiring Harness Upgrade for Universal Diesel Engines
Boats built until 1988 used an ammeter on the engine instrument panel. Catalina Yachts subsequently replaced the ammeter with ...
Engine Control Cable Replacement
Tips and tricks for installing cables in the confines of the pedestal steering
Atomic 4 Transmission Control Clevis
How do I fit a new control cable to my Atomic 4 transmission?
Alternator Installation Instructions 105 amp
Time to upgrade to nearly double the output?
Diameter and Pitch
Selecting the correct prop for your boat