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Stem Fitting Dbl Roller C-25, C-27 Std Rig, C-270

Part #: H24085
Stem fitting for the Catalina 25, Catalina 27 standard rig with double anchor rollers and the Catalina 270. The integral forestay chainplate extends down the bow for added strength when compared to early chainplates, which had only one horizontal bolt through the hull and deck.
• Base plate athwartships : 5-5/8"
• Base fore & aft: 4-3/4"
• Fore & aft including anchor rollers: 7-3/4"
• Width of chainplate / tang: 1-1/4"
• Total length of chainplate / tang: 15-1/2"
• Thickness of chainplate / tang: was 3/16" now 1/4" thick
• Length of tang from deck to bottom end: 12-1/2"
• Height of chainplate above deck: 3"
• Width of anchor roller: 1-7/8"

When provided new when the boat was built, the chainplate / tang was 3/16" thick material, now made from thicker 1/4" material for greater strength.
It may be necessary to fill a gap between the chainplate and the hull at the hull/deck joint with polyester filler for a tidy installation. The rubrail must be unscrewed in the area of the stem fitting during installation to complete this project. Since the aluminum rubrail is manufactured in 20' lengths, there is a joint somewhere near the bow where you can start. Remove a part of a section and flex it away from the bow to gain access at the stem fitting.