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Keel Bolt Retrofit Kit C-22, C-25, C-27

Part #: Z3617

This product requires consultation with our tech support staff before purchase. See the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page for phone number and hours.

Keel bolt retrofit kit for cast iron fin keel on a Catalina 22, Catalina 25 or Catalina 27. Not for use on a swing keel boat.
Includes extra long 18" drill bit and an extended length, reduced shank tap. A long, ratcheting tap handle is also included. These long tools can reach into the bilge so your drill can be above the cabin sole. A 36" piece of type 316 stainless steel threaded rod is included. After drilling and tapping the holes, the rod is cut to length as needed for the installation of five studs between the old keel bolts.
1) Warning: It is critical you understand that the retrofit bolts will not be as strong as the original bolts once were. The original bolts were first bent in a "J" shape, then cast into the molten iron. Don't expect to add this kit to your boat, then sail it to the Bahamas! If the original keel bolts are degraded, the boat is not and will never be as seaworthy as it once was.

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