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Stripe Off Wheel

Part #: Z4913
Designed to remove old, faded sheer stripe, boot stripe, boat name or any other thermoplastic adhesives and films when used with a common slow speed (500-2500 RPM) drive tool.
The Stripe Off Wheel, solid molded wheel rids the substrate of decals with friction, instead of abrasives, thereby preventing scratching and damage to the hull. Operators should note that it is important not to exceed the maximum operating speed, because it may compromise the product's performance. Additionally, operators should ensure that the hull is not heat sensitive, as repeated friction will create heat.
Wheel Diameter: 4"
Wheel Thickness: 5/8"
Wheel Width: 5/8"
Max RPM: 4,000
• Product can break apart and cause serious injury if operated above maximum operating speed.
STOP usage immediately if vibration or wobbling occurs.
DO NOT free spin tool.