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Porta Potti Portable Head

Part #: Z4804
We all know how unfortunate it is when the time has come while sailing in the middle of a large body of water, uh-oh! Here is the solution to that challenge. This modern Porta-Potti comes complete, even with a mounting template and bracket.
Features of this new model:
• Sealed valve keeps odors in holding tank
• Refreshed, modern appearance
• Cleaner seat and cover design
• More-ergonomic carrying handle
• Lid latch now standard
• Redesigned valve handle, fill cap and pump
• Exclusive, rotating pour-out spout
• Deodorant sample included
• Fresh Water Tank: 2.6 gallons
• Waste Water Tank: 2.6 gallons
• Average Flushes: 27

Features that differ from cheaper RV models:
Waste level indicator. Without it you will have to monitor the waste level carefully. That means checking the waste level with a flashlight by looking into the open tank after every use!
Hold-down brackets. Without them your head will be flying across the cabin in the event of a knockdown!
Piston pump. Most Porta Pottis are equipped with a cheaper bellows pump which is subject to early failure and is the most often replaced part.

12.88" high X 13.08" wide X 15.36" deep

• Capri 16
• Capri 18
• Capri 22
• Catalina 22
• Catalina 250
• Catalina 25*
• Catalina 27*

1) When mounted in a Catalina 25 or Catalina 27, a Porta Potti requires an extension to the small platform provided for a marine head in the molded hull liner. When the Porta Potti was originally ordered as a factory option, this extension was provided by the factory. If A Porta Potti has never been installed in your particular boat, you must fabricate this extension to provide a large enough platform for the base of the Porta Potti.

2) This item does not conform to our standard shipping policies. Call 800/959-SAIL for a shipping estimate.

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