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Stanchion C-27
10 Degree In

Part #: H5060
This stanchion is for the Catalina 27. It has a 10 degree inboard angle and a trapezoidal base. All mounting bolts fasten flat on the deck, i.e. all portions of the stanchion base mounts on the same plane. 24" high from base to top lifeline. Can not be used where any supporting fastener is mounted on the top of the toerail. Drilled and sleeved for double lifelines.
This photo illustrates stanchions as they would mount on the starboard side of the boat. At left is a 10 degree in, at right a 10 degree out.

• Total height: 24-1/2"
• Height to center of top lifeline: 24"
• Tubing diameter: 1"
• Fastener diameter: 1/4"

Stanchion Base:
• Size: 2-3/4" (short base) x 4" (long base) x 3"
• Thickness: 5/32"
• Fastener spacing: Fore & Aft: 2" (short base), 3" (long base)