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Genoa Car E-Z Glide System 1" T-Track C-27, C-270, C-28, C-30

Part #: Z4935
The EZ Glide Systems enables you to make adjustment of your genoa cars while under load. The system allows you to fine tune your genoa leads fore and aft without having to wait for a tack to unload the car. The ability to fine tune the position of the car allows you to trim the twist of the genoa, power it up or down, and impact where the power is applied. For example, as the wind pipes up you can move the car aft, allow the sail to twist off at the head, reduce the power from the top portion of the sail, and thereby reduce heal increasing both speed and comfort.
Our kit includes six pieces to make it work smoothly on your Catalina with 1" t-track installed:

• (2) End control blocks, with double cheek blocks and becket, placed forward of the cars
• (2) Low lead genoa cars with double blocks forward and bail aft
• (2) Swivel leads with cams on cars to mount aft for additional control
1) One half of the kit is shown. The track pictured is for reference only and is not included with the purchase. You will be installing three cars on each side of the boat, on your original genoa tracks.

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