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Chainplate U-Bolt Retrofit Kit C-27

Part #: H1700
Created to replace the small 3/8" eyebolts used on early Catalina 27s with a much more robust chainplate assembly.
Early 3/8" eyebolts are known to fail on occasion causing complete dismasting. In fact, circumstantial evidence indicates it is likely that more Catalina 27 dismastings are due to this failure than all other causes combined. The U-bolts in this kit are much stronger than the original eyebolts. Very robust backing plates spread the load under a larger area of the deck.

We recommend this kit for boats sailed in moderate winds or above. In fact, given that the original equipment Catalina 27 mast is no longer available, it would be a shame to lose your boat for lack of an inexpensive kit. Why would you lose you boat? Because if you lose your mast the cost of an aftermarket mast is expensive enough that your insurance company would total your boat.
This 3/8" U-bolt kit raises the clevis pin about 5/8" higher off of the deck. This can be an issue if your turnbuckles are tightened completely and there is insufficient adjustment left to accommodate the U-bolt kit. But consider... if your turnbuckle adjustment is insufficient to accommodate the U-bolts, the shrouds are probably old enough that they also need to be replaced.
After overhearing multiple customers speak of disasters and near disasters as a result of the failure of an early chainplate eyebolt, I installed this kit to upgrade my already terrific Catalina 27. In San Francisco Bay, I sail in winds up to thirty knots. The peace of mind I get from these heavy duty chainplates and their large, stiff backing plates is worth every penny. Installation was easy, and the cost difference between this upgrade and large eye-bolt upgrade is minimal. The difference in strength (particularly with the backing plates), is significant. I recommend this kit for your Catalina 27.

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