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Masthead Divider Plate

Part #: H1725
Fits fore and aft in the Catalina 27 masthead between the port and starboard halyard sheaves. It prevents the halyards from jumping sides and tangling at the masthead which might keep you from lowering your sails at the worst possible time.
• Fore and aft: 9"
• Height: 1-1/2"
• Thickness: 1/8"
• Hole cleared for pin diameter: 5/16"
Will not fit C-27s with hull numbers in the following ranges: 1421-1450, 2465-2549, 3101-3150, 3950-3999, 4701-4725, 5042-5051, and 5140-5149. These boats were not built in California and used a different mast. There may be other ranges as well that we have not discovered yet.

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Masthead Divider Plate Information
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