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Spinnaker Crane, C-25 Std Rig, C-250, C-27,

Part #: Z2686
The spinnaker crane attaches to the masthead truck. It allows the spinnaker halyard block to stand forward of the forestay so you can fly your spinnaker forward of your forestay without tangling with the stay or roller furler. The bail allows the block to position itself for a fair lead regardless of what tack or point of sail you're on.
Look below for the appropriate spinnaker halyard blocks. We have chosen the highest strength blocks available in a compact size to fit properly at the masthead.

Some customers have found it convenient to use the top plate of the spinnaker crane as a mounting platform for their wind instrument transducer. You must drill and tap the holes to match your transducer's mounting hole pattern. The top plate measures about 2-1/4" square.

• Inside width: ~ 1-7/8"
• Overall length: ~ 5-5/8"
• Clevis pins: 2) 5/16" diameter X 2" grip

1) Will not fit Catalina 27s with hull numbers in the following ranges: 1421-1450, 2465-2549, 3101-3150, 3950-3999, 4701-4725, 5042-5051, and 5140-5149. These boats were built in Canada and used a different mast. There may be other ranges as well that we have not discovered yet.

2) Will only work on Catalina 28s that used the early mast extrusion (from the Catalina 27) which used flat sail slides in the sail track. If you have the newer style mast extrusion that uses sail slides with round slugs in the sail track, you cannot use this crane.

3) If you own a Catalina 250, refer to the Catalina 25 standard rig masthead below to check compatibility. If your masthead looks like the Catalina 25 masthead, our spinnaker crane will fit. Early Catalina 250s used the same masthead and mast extrusion as the Catalina 25. Later Catalina 250s used a different masthead. This spinnaker crane is not compatible with later mastheads.

4) If you own a
Catalina 25 Tall Rig, buy the "Spinnaker Crane Kit C-25 Tall" listed below under "May we also suggest", as it includes the masthead shims you will need for a proper fit.

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