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Stem Fitting With Double Anchor Rollers C-27, C-30

Part #: K1789
Stem fitting with double anchor rollers designed for use on Catalina 27 and Catalina 30's with bowsprits.

Base plate:
• Width: 5-3/4"
• Fore & Aft: 4-3/4"

• Overall Fore & Aft: 7-3/4"

• Tack Pin Diameter: 1/2"
• Anchor Rode Retaining Pin Diameter: 5/16"
• Tang Thickness: 1/4"
• Mounting Hole Diameter: 3/16"
• Port & Starboard Center of Mounting Hole to Back of Base Plate: 1"
• Center of Center Mounting Hole to Back of Base Plate: 2"

1) Due to the lack of whisker stays supporting the bowsprit laterally, we don't recommend lying at anchor while the rode is reeved through the roller. When the boat sails on her anchor, the roller must support a tremendous load when she comes up short on the anchor on one tack. Always use a bridle that leads from the anchor line to both mooring cleats.

2) Some customers report the teak bowsprit on their early Catalina 30 is too narrow to accept the width of this newer model stem fitting. Please measure carefully before ordering. You may decide it is necessary to replace the teak bowsprit with the later, wider part.
(bow sprit)

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