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Mast Light Wiring Harness, C-27, C-270, C-28, C-30, C-310 & C-320

Part #: Z3251
Pre configured for the installation of an anchor light and combination steaming and halogen deck light on a Catalina 27, Catalina 270, Catalina 28, Catalina 30, Catalina 310, and Catalina 320 mast, either standard or tall rigs.
The Catalina Direct Mast Light Wiring Harness features marine grade, pre-tinned, jacketed electrical wire made by Ancor. This specialized marine wire makes use of super fine strands that carry more current, and are more flexible to withstand the motion of your boat. They also don't corrode like the automotive wire that was used on early Catalinas.

We've updated the connector too. Originally the bottom of this wire bundle connected to the boat with a plug that was designed for automotive trailers. It was ill prepared for its life inside the base of your mast, sometimes in a puddle of water. Our updated model uses a specially designed electrical plug sealed with adhesive coated shrink tubing, and a boot to protect it from the marine environment.

We recommend you consider new navigation lights with power saving LED elements at the same time as you replace your wiring harness. Not only will you save time and effort later on, but you can immediately enjoy the benefits of LED equipped features like lower power consumption, increased bulb life, and increased visibility to other mariners.

• Wire: 14 Ga marine grade
• Length of three conductor wire: 25'
• Length of two conductor wire: 45'