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Engine Lube Oil Filter Yanmar 1, 2, & 3 Cylinder Engines

Part #: Z3282
This filter is the factory replacement oil filter used on several Yanmar diesel engines. It is the factory part #119305-35151 which has now been replaced by part #119305-35170.
Applications include these engines (and the boats that we are aware used these engines... There could be other combinations as well):
• 1GM10CD-SD20 (Catalina 250)
• 2GM20F (Capri 26 and Capri 270)
• 3YM20F (Catalina 270's after 10/2005, Catalina 309, Catalina 315)
• 3GM30F (Catalina 320)
• 3YM30 (Catalina 320 Hull 994 & up, Catalina 355)
• 3JH3BE (Catalina 380 Hull 226 & up, Morgan 381, Catalina 387 Hulls 1 through 60)
• 3JH4BE (Catalina 387 Hull 61+)
• 3JH5 (Catalina 375, Catalina 385)
Note: We carry these parts for your convenience though you may find them elsewhere less expensive due to the manufacturer's restricted distribution.<br><br>

The manufacturer occasionally changes the color of the can for the filter, but the specifications remain the same.