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Bilge Pump or Sump Pump, C-34 and more

Part #: F8109
Bilge or shower sump pump, 12 VDC, to replace original discontinued model PAR-MAX3.

This pump is mounted remotely from the water source. A strainer for the suction side protects the pump from damage due to ingesting debris from a shower sump or similar. Snap in hose barbs are included for ease of installation and winterization.

May be used aboard any boat where water must be pumped from a location that is inconvenient or too small to mount a submersible pump.
At 3.5 GPM this is a direct replacement for Catalina 34's. Catalina 42's were equipped with two slightly larger 4.3 GPM pumps, one for each shower. Those pumps were overkill since the shower heads spray less than 2.5 GPH even at full force, so 4.3 GPH was unnecessary.

With lower power consumption than the original C-42 pump, this is a suitable replacement pump for either boat.
• Self priming up to 8'
• Includes: Strainer and hose barbs for 3/4" hose
• Length, pump overall: ~8"
• Width, without barbs: ~4"
• Height, off mounting surface: ~4-1/4"
• Mounting bracket fastener spacing:
      2" center to center along length
      ~3-1/2" center to center across
• Amperage draw, 9.0 Amp max
• Flow rate: 3.5 GPM
• Pressure: 50 PSI
• Fuse / breaker requirement: 15 amp