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Lazy Jack Kit C-22 through C-270

Part #: Z2538
Lazy Jacks assist in dousing the main. When used with a full batten main, the sail will almost flake itself as the lazy jacks funnel the sail down and onto the boom. While reefing, the lazy jacks will support the boom and prevent it from crashing into the cockpit if a crew member accidentally releases too much halyard.
Our exclusive outhaul allows the system to be stowed for trailering. It is not not necessary to un-reeve the line before removing the boom for trailering.

• 10 foot long vinyl coated wires minimize windage and chafe.
• Soft leather boots protect your sail from chafe from the blocks.
• Simple system allows the use of your existing mains'l cover.
• Includes cleats, fasteners, eye straps and Dacron line.

And we are able to save you money too! By fabricating the system ourselves we were able to save you almost $100.00 compared to the big name companies.

1) If mounted on a Capri 22 or Catalina 250 that uses the boom with the extruded "tab" along the bottom side, it will be necessary to bend one fairlead into the proper shape to attach around the tab.

2) Some of the boats that use this kit have mid-boom travelers which require additional line in order to stow the Lazy Jacks at the mast while sailing. We supply 50' which provides plenty of line, even for these applications. Others will have extra line you may want to trim as desired after installation.