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Universal Oil Seal Gasket Set, M-25, M-25XP

Part #: Z5402
Oil Seal Gasket Set for the Universal M-25 or M-25XP.

This is a project typically completed by an experienced mechanic. If you are a DIY kind of sailor, we suggest you teach yourself how to accomplish a rebuild by studying some online videos before you order. This project requires techniques that are beyond what our tech support staff can teach you over the phone. Information provided by the manufacturer (exploded parts view) provides tips for those already experienced with this type of repair. A step-by-step rebuild guide is not provided by the manufacturer.

The Universal Engine Parts distributor recommends replacing the gear case gasket and three o-rings at a minimum when replacing the oil seal.
• Oil Seal, 1ea
• Gear Case Gasket, 1ea
• O-Rings, 3ea
• Gasket:
     Width, overall: ~10-3/4"
     Height, overall: ~10-1/2"
• Oil seal:
     Outside diameter: ~1-3/4"
     Inside diameter: ~1-3/16"
     Thickness: ~1/4"
• O-rings:
     Diameter, inside: 1/2"
     Thickness: ~3/32"

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