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Coupler Puller Yanmar & Universal Diesel

Part #: Z3789
This is just the tool you need to remove that rusty shaft coupler from the end of your stainless prop shaft. Suitable for use on Yanmar and Universal Diesel engine couplers, 4 bolt pattern, in either 4" or 5" in diameter.
This is a very compact and easy to use tool. It can be used even in the tight areas especially prevalent on earlier designs like the Catalina 27. It is a favorite of boat yards that do this work for a living.
Outside Diameter: 5"
Thickness of puller: 3/4:
Bolt length: 3-5/8"
Bolt diameter: 3/4"
Wrench size: 7/8"
WARNING! I have read online forums that recommend s imply placing a spacer between the transmission coupler and the shaft coupler. Simply replace the short bolts with longer ones to accommodate the length of the spacer. As you tighten the bolts the spacer is supposed to drive the shaft out of the shaft coupler.

But what if it doesn't? What if the first thing that gives is not the connection between the shaft and the shaft coupler but rather the transmission coupler itself! The coupler on your transmission is not separate from the internal transmission shaft. The shaft and the flange is all machined from the same chunk of steel. Bend the transmission coupler, even a few thousandths of an inch, and you will never be able to align the engine and shaft again. Break that flange and you will be buying a new transmission.

Except it gets worse. The Hurth transmission used on the majority of Universal Diesels installed in your Catalina is no longer available. A replacement from ZF is well over $2.000.00 before installation. You get my point. Don't try to save a buck and risk potentially thousands of dollars to replace your transmission!

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