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Engine Coolant Hose, Manifold to Heat Exchanger, M-25XPB, M-35B

Part #: Z5049
Coolant hose for the Universal Diesel. This hose connects the exhaust manifold to the heat exchanger.

Coolant hose for the Universal engines. It connects the raw water pump to the heat exchanger.

• Extra heavy tube and cover with wire helix
• 2 ply reinforcement provides excellent flexibility and bend radius
• Resists heat, ozone, exhaust, panting and collapse
• Exceeds SAE J2006-R2, and ABYC & NMMA P-1 exhaust standards
• Black High Temp EDPM Rubber 250°F (120°C) Max
• 5 year manufacturer's limited warranty

Includes two high quality hose clamps:
Swedish made entirely from type 316 stainless steel
• Designed with the "gear" on the outside of the strap
• A smooth surface on the inside of the clamp
• Smooth surface allows the strap to slip around the hose during tightening, creating a tighter grip hose barb
It corresponds to part number 29 in the exploded view of the cooling system.

OEM Equipment for the following engine models (and the boats that we are aware used these engine... There could be other combinations as well):
• M-25XPB (Catalina 28 MkII, Catalina 30 MkIII, Catilina 310)
• M-35B (Catalina 34 MkII, Catalina 350, Catalina 36 MkII)
• Inside diameter: 1-1/8"
• Overall length: 11"

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