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Propeller 3 Blade 13 X 10 C-30 W/Electric Yacht Quiet Torque 10.0, M4-30

Part #: Z4886
For 1" shaft. This is a machine pitch prop made of manganese bronze. The MP style prop has non-skewed, semi-elliptical blades with a blade to prop circle ratio of 51%. This is substantially more blade area than a "Sailor Prop" which allows the Machine Pitch Prop to produce greater thrust to punch to weather in big chop or claw off of a lee shore when needed. Used on the following boats:
Used on the following boats:
• Catalina 30 re-powered with Electric Yacht Quiet Torque 10.0 w/ 2 to 1 reduction ratio
• Catalina 30 re-power with Universal M4-30 w/2.05:1 reduction

Three blade props provide better performance under power especially when the going gets rough. They also help to stop the boat much faster when entering a slip under windy conditions or challenging circumstances. The trade off is slightly reduced performance under sail. Expect to lose about 1/4 to 1/2 knot.

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