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Dripless Shaft Seal C-28 #725->, C-309, C-350

Part #: Z2501
Dripless prop shaft seal kit that became standard on the Catalina 28 on hulls 725 and later (excluding hull 727) and was standard equipment for all of the Catalina 309 and Catalina 350s. Designed for 1" shaft with a 2" outside diameter shaft log.

These boats were configured such that the cutlass bearing is installed in the shaft log and you should already have a dedicated hose to provide a fresh flow of water to ensure it does not run dry. Catalina used several different means for supplying the water including a dedicated through hull with a scoop or a T off of the engine raw water cooling line.
• Shaft collar with two sets of set screws
• Carbon stator with hose barb
• Bellows with two sets of hose clamps
As these we original equipment on the models listed, you should have plenty of room for this replacement unit, but if you are retrofitting to another boat keep in mind that the shaft seal requires about 7" (6-1/4" when the bellows are properly compressed) between the aft end of the bellows (where they clamp to the shaft log) to the forward surface of the stainless steel rotor. If retrofitting this to an different boat, measure to ensure there is enough clearance to accommodate this style seal.