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Emergency Tiller Kit C-270, C-28, C-30

Part #: Z2398
This is the original equipment emergency tiller. We have never believed that this short tiller design was very practical. If the conditions were bad enough to cause a steering failure, it was also bad enough that this baby tiller was not going to be adequate. We no longer offer this kit.

To address our concerns, we now offer a redesigned kit that provides a practical improvement in the amount of leverage offered by the tiller.

See the related item at the bottom of the page for the improved kit.
Emergency tiller kit for the Catalina 270, Catalina 28, and newer Catalina 30's from 1986 and newer. Includes tiller, vertical extension tube and red storage bag. Fits rudder post with 1.660" outside diameter which is under the cockpit accessible by way of a removable inspection port in the cockpit sole.

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