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Pedestal Steering Cross Wire Idler C-28, C-30

Part #: Z3905
Replacement for the Catalina 28 and Catalina 30 equipped with Edson wheel steering using the typical pull-pull system and a "Radial Drive" steering quadrant.
The adjustable crossed wire idler leads your steering cable from its vertical run within your pedestal to a horizontal run under the cockpit, then aft to the radial drive wheel on the rudder shaft.

The steering in this vintage of Catalina 28 and 30 shared a unique above-decks location. The steering components area all housed in a compartment accessible through a removable trapezoidal hatch in the cockpit sole. Due to restricted height inside of the compartment, this custom, low profile idler is required. This custom idler was only used on the Catalina 28 and the Catalina 30.

• Anodized aluminum base plate with integral sheave brackets
• Hardcoat black anodized aluminum sheaves w/ bronze bushings

This part fits the following boats that used the old mild steel bracket:
• Catalina 28
• Catalina 30 (starting with hull #4726 in September 1986)
• Sheave diameter 4"
• Fastener spacing 7-1/4"
• Rigging pins (double hole): 3/8" x 1-5/16" grip x 1-3/4" LOA
1) If your Catalina 30 was built before 1986, you must inspect your boat to discover which steering system is in use. Prior to 1986, wheel steering was optional on the Catalina 30. If the original buyer ordering the optional wheel steering, Catalina typically used Edson's Pull-Pull Conduit system. But many pedestal steering systems were retrofitted by owners who upgraded from tiller steering to pedestal steering. In that case, many owners used the superior cable and cross wire idler system. If that is the case, see the crossed wire idler listed below under "May we also suggest".

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Pedestal Steering Installation Details
Steering system example, C-28, C-30 1989 ->
Pedestal Steering Overview
Steering system with idler highlighted (Example: C- 28, C-30 1989 ->)