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Catalina 28 Technical Articles

Interior Cabinet Latches
A simple design change substantially improves durability
Lubricating Marine Ball Valves
Watch this video link for an illustration of why you should lubricate your marine ball valves
Pipe Sizes and Why They Are So Confusing
Why doesn't my 3/8" NPT fitting measure 3/8"?
Interior Finish History
Catalina Yachts used several different interior finishes during more than four decades of production. Which one was used on your boat?
11.4 GPM Pump Installation & Maintenance
Select a suitable position for installation where the pump can be operated comfortably with the full ...
28 GPM Pump Installation & Maintenance
The Gusher Titan is designed for mounting on or through deck or bulkhead. The standard model allows considerable ...
17 GPM Pump Installation & Maintenance
This bilge pump is designed to exhaust standing water. Output capacity depends on installation conditions and ... 
Circular Cabinet Latch Dimensions & Installation
 Technical drawings of the Circular Cabinet Latches used in the '90's