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Outhaul Track Only C-28, C-310, C-320, C-34, C-350, C-36, C-387, C-400, C-42

Part #: Z5393



Replacement 1-1/4" t-track and backing plate for the in-mast furling outhaul. In 2017 1-1/4" t-track for the outhaul became standard on Catalina's with in-mast furling. Prior to 2017 Catalina used a metric track so check your requirements before ordering.

1-1/4" track is typically machined to accept 5/16" flat head machine screws. In this case, 5/16" diameter screws would be too large to fit into the slot extruded into your boom. Our custom 1-1/4" track is specially machined to accept 1/4" diameter fasteners so they will pass through the slot in the boom without having to drill for each fastener.
Fits these boats:
• Catalina 28 MkII
• Catalina 310
• Catalina 320
• Catalina 34 MkII
• Catalina 350 MkI
• Catalina 36 MkII
• Catalina 387
• Catalina 400
• Catalina 42 MkII



To install the track, remove the end fittings from the boom. Leave the track and backing plate attached to each other, but loosen the fasteners a bit to allow a gap between the two parts. Simply slide the new track onto the end of the boom with the track above the boom, the fasteners passing through the sail track slot, and the backing plate inside the boom. When the track assembly is properly positioned, simply tighten all of the fasteners. The track assembly is clamped into position without drilling holes at every fastener.

1) The standard track length is 118-3/4", long enough to require truck freight. We have the track fabricated to 103-3/4". This is the perfect length to accommodate the hole pattern of the track and still be under the maximum UPS shippable length is 108" including the packaging.

2) Given the tremendous load on this car when the boom is strapped in and you're hard on the wind, we highly recommend trimming the outhaul before heading to weather. While off the wind with the outhaul eased, loads on the car are low. Before sheeting in, trim the outhaul. Once the foot of the sail is properly tight, then trim in the mainsheet and head up. If you make this your common practice, the bearings in the outhaul car will function well much longer.

3) This item does not conform to the shipping table in the Shopping Cart. Additional shipping must be calculated. When you place your order we always call with a shipping quote before billing your card. For a quote in advance, just call 800/959-7245.

4) The factory supplied a Lewmar track for the Catalina 400 with 156" length and 1.18" width. Please check your outhaul requirements to ensure this upgrade will work for your application.