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Topping Lift Wire, C-28 Std Rig, C-30 Std Rig

Part #: K1944
Replacement topping_lift wire for the Catalina 28 standard rig and Catalina 30 standard rig, wire only, 32' long.
When used for the Catalina 28, this wire was hoisted using an internal line halyard exiting at the masthead. The line is tied to the top thimble and the wire is hoisted to a point near the top of the mast.

The early Catalina 30 used this vinyl coated wire attached at the masthead next to the backstay. It was adjusted at the aft end of the boom with a line that cleats on the boom.

To fabricate this new topping_lift, we start with corrosion resistant stainless steel wire (vinyl coated) Then add the correct fittings at the ends and heat shrink the crimps.

Since there were several designs of topping_lift used on both the Catalina 28 and the Catalina 30, be sure to check your boat before ordering to ensure this part is appropriate for your application.