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Gooseneck & Boom Rebuild Kit, C-270 & C-28 Furling

Part #: H2018
Rebuild kit for the Catalina 270 Isomat gooseneck and boom. The same bracket and gooseneck were used on the Catalina 28s with in mast furling rigs, so this kit will work for those boats as well. The outhaul sheave included is for line. The old wire sheave is no longer available. If you have a wire outhaul you will want to upgrade to a modern, low stretch line.
Will work wither either the older (angular) boom and gooseneck casting or the newer (oval) boom and gooseneck casting.

1 Isomat plastic Boom Toggle and Toggle Bearing assembly

1 Clevis Pin

• Length: 96.47mm (3.75")
• Diameter: 12mm (.472")

7 Plastic Rollers
• Outside Diameter: 17.49mm (.689")
• Inside Diameter: 10mm (.39")
• Width: 14.54mm (.574")

1 Plastic Outhaul Sheave
• Outside Diameter: 29.5mm (1.18")
• Inside Diameter: 10mm (.39")
• Width: 9.5mm (.375")

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