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Sail Track Gate C-27 & C-28

Part #: SI30365
This gate will only fit the Catalina 28 and a few of the last Catalina 27's built. The drawing for the change is dated December of 1983, so if you have an 1984 model boat be sure to verify your slot length.
The fitting is 4" tall overall. It was used only on one side of the mast as the aluminum track was relieved on only one side on these rigs. It will not fit the typical 5" tall mast entrance slots milled into both sides of most Catalina 27 masts.

Although we know the Catalina 28 used the mast from the Catalina 27 for several years, we don't know whether or not it was machined the same. You will need confirm your sail track slot entrance length before ordering to ensure that you receive the correct part. If your boat has the taller 6" sail slot see part #H1937 pictured below in "May we also suggest".

May we also suggest