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Engine Control Cable Clevis Large 5/16-24

Part #: Z3094
Stainless steel clutch cable clevis only for the large heavy duty cable required by the Atomic 4 clutch. Please see the related part Z2291 below for the complete pedestal mounted retrofit.
• Thread: 5/16" 24 Right hand
• Clevis Pin: 5/16" x 2-1/2"
• Inside width at clevis pin: 3/8"
1) The dual lever engine control pictured below was used on the Catalina 27 and Catalina 30 even when the boat was equipped with the optional diesel engine. Since this control was originally designed for use with the Atomic 4 engine, its components are sized to accommodate the large transmission cable required for use with the Atomic 4.

If your boat has the cockpit mounted dual lever control, you must use the larger transmission cable and components even though the transmission used on your diesel engine doesn't require the extra strength parts that the A-4 transmission did.

2) The inside width at the clevis pin of 3/8" makes this part suitable for the top (control handle) end of the cable only. There is no stainless steel clevis available for the bottom end of the cable that is wide enough to accept the thick cast lever used on the Atomic 4 transmission.

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