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Engine Control Cable Heavy Duty 16'

Part #: Z2541
This heavy duty engine control cable is used to actuate the clutch on boats equipped with an Atomic 4 (and some early Yanmar engines). The clutch on the Atomic 4's transmission requires much greater force to engage than the typical transmission used on a diesel engine. The supreme control cables we supply for other installations are not adequate for the load required by the Atomic 4.
• Length from tip to tip: 16'
• Diameter of thread: 5/16"-24
• Travel: 4"
• Minimum bend Radius: 8"
1) This 16' length is not the most common size used when converting from cockpit mounted to pedestal mounted engine controls. The 18' length is more common, although not the only length used. Please measure to ensure you are ordering the proper length. If you need an 18' cable, see part number Z2518 pictured below. If you need a different length, please call our tech support staff. Click the Tech Support link at the bottom of the page for more information.

2) This item does not conform to the shipping table in the Shopping Cart. Additional shipping must be calculated. When you place your order we always call with a shipping quote before billing your card. For a quote in advance, just call 800/959-7245.

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