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Single Lever Engine Control

Part #: Z2250
Single lever engine control for shift and throttle. May be used on the Catalina 25, Capri 26, Catalina 27 and Catalina 30. For use on inboard diesel equipped boats with control mounted to the cockpit wall. Boats are normally (but not always) tiller steered.
We highly recommend the addition of our Engine Control Removable Handle Upgrade available below listed under "May we also suggest".

1) Due to the extreme force required to shift the Atomic 4 transmission, this control will not work on the Atomic 4. If your boat is equipped with an Atomic 4, you must use #Z2595 shown below listed under "May we also suggest".

2) This control will not work with the model 5411 engine. Unlike other engines that have a separate cable to facilitate engine shut-off, the 5411 requires the throttle lever be held farther aft than idle against a spring detent to kill the engine. Since a single lever control increases engine speed if moved either forward or aft from the neutral position, there is no way to kill the engine. You must use the #Z2595 control to facilitate engine stop by by use of the throttle.