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Engine Instrument Seaward Panel,
A-4, Catalina Direct <-82

Part #: H2127

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This original equipment replacement includes a tachometer, fuel gauge or oil gauge (your choice), voltmeter, water temperature gauge and alarm plus low oil pressure alarm; warning lights for water temperature and oil pressure, ignition switch, & blower switch. White panel w/ black lettering
Both Catalina Yachts and Seaward report thousands of boats were built using this shape panel. But there is not a detailed history of the engine panel used on each boat built. Please check the dimensions of your panel to ensure this panel is suitable for your boat. This panel is designed for use with the Atomic 4 gasoline engine.

• Height: 5-5/8"
• Width: 13-1/2"

1) Early engine installations were wired to use an ammeter in the instrument panel. The entire alternator output was routed through the instrument panel. This added many feet of wire to the circuit. The added resistance reduced the voltage that reached the battery and the effectiveness of the charging system. A simple wiring change improved this system substantially. The circuitry of our new panel is designed assuming the change has been made to your boat. Do not install this panel until the wiring change has been made! Refer to the PDF below under "Technical Support" for complete instructions.

2) Each tachometer is bench tested before it leaves our vendor. This leaves the indicator at a position other than zero. Once you install the tachometer, the indicator will return to zero when the engine is stopped with the kill lever before the ignition is switched off.

3) This item does not conform to the shipping table in the Shopping Cart. Additional shipping must be calculated. When you place your order we always call with a shipping quote before billing your card. For a quote in advance, just call 800/959-7245.

5) A 50% nonrefundable deposit will be billed when your order for this item is accepted. The balance will be billed when the product ships.

6) This is a custom made part. You provide the information we need to build this product for you. Once you order it we are going to build it just for you, just as you asked. We never want to see it again, and no one else wants it either. So be careful and order it correctly the first time because it can't be canceled, returned, or magically changed into something different!

7) Do to slight variations of panels used on your Catalina we ask that you please verify the dimensions, and understand that we may require a photo of your old panel before processing your order.

A fine calibration potentiometer is under the sticker at the back (see "More Images" below). It is a delicate electronic device mounted to the far side of the circuit board with three soldered on contacts. The adjustment is accessible through a small hole in the board. A watch maker can successfully adjust it without damaging it or pushing it off of the circuit board. Our experience indicates that mechanics are too ham-fisted and will break it every time. If approximately correct isn't accurate enough for your needs, you can attempt to adjust it using a jeweler's flat blade screwdriver (not phillips head). But once you remove the sticker over the calibration screw, the warranty is void and the tachometer cannot be returned.

9) Caution! Only use warm soapy water, no degreasers or harsh chemical cleaners, to clean the plastic panels.

Technical Support