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Shaft Log, Fiberglass

Part #: Z1999
Shaft log for the Catalina 30, Catalina 34, and Catalina 36 and possibly others (used on the Capri 26, Catalina 270, & Catalina 28 hulls 724 and lower by cutting tube down to 10" in length). This fiberglass tube is glassed to the hull providing an exit for the prop shaft. A special 1-5/8" inside diameter rubber hose is clamped to this tube. The other end of the hose is clamped to the stuffing box (#Z2000 see related items below) which seals the prop shaft where it exits the hull.
• Inside Diameter 1.290"
• Outside Diameter 1.630"
• Length: 12"
1) Because each boat is different, you may need to trim the end of the shaft log to the appropriate length and angle.

2) Appropriate for other Catalina models that use a 1" prop shaft and same traditional stuffing box (#Z2000 see related items below). Verify the length of your existing shaft log is shorter than the 12" supplied with this part to make sure you have the room to cut down as needed.