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Stuffing Box for 1" Shaft 1-5/8" I.D. Hose

Part #: Z2000
Bronze stuffing box for any boat using a 1" prop shaft. Attaches to the fiberglass shaft log via the 1-5/8" diameter shaft log hose pictured below under "May we also suggest".
Unit comes complete with a packing nut and jam nut. It is also pre-packed with 1/4" composite fiber packing material. A high-tech non-asbestos replacement for your original flax packing. The fiber is impregnated with virgin PTFE in-suspension and internally saturated with a proprietary lubricant.

Substantially less abrasive than asbestos, yet still able to withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees F. Excellent watertight sealing ability with less required leakage at rest to compensate for frictional heat expansion when under way. An ideal replacement for standard flax packing, this packing can be adjusted to drip only once every three minutes (while at rest) compared to the typical 2 to 3 drops every minute required for flax packing.
• Overall length (with new packing): ~ 4"
• For shaft diameter: 1"
• For hose diameter: 1-5/8" ID
• Hose barb length: 1-1/2"
• Wrench size: 2 x 1-7/8" (see below under may we also suggest)