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Hatch Lens OEM, Bomar Trapezoidal
15-7/8" Centers

Part #: D1916
Replacement smoked Plexiglas lens for your existing Bomar NIBO aluminum framed trapezoidal hatch.

Bomar originally created the lens only 1/4" thick. These have proven to be subject to failure when the crew stands on a hatch weakened by age. In 1997 Bomar increased the thickness to 3/8" without beveling the edges. Without the edges beveled, this is not a good retrofit for a hatch made with a 1/4" thick lens. See our improved version, Z2471 or Z3769, for a 3/8" thick lens with beveled edges to fit a hatch made for the weak 1/4" thick lens, but be sure to consider the center to center spacing of the handle holes.
Please inspect the gasket currently on your forward hatch. It may need to be replaced. See gasket suggested below.

Known Usage:
• Capri 26
• Catalina 22 from 1986 through 1994
• Catalina 25
• Catalina 27
• Catalina 270
• Catalina 28
• Catalina 30
• Catalina 320
• Catalina 36

It is also possible that not every boat described above used this hatch. Please use the dimensions above and the photos below to verify which hatch is actually installed on your boat.
• Outside of deck flange: 27" x 20-7/8" x 22-1/8" (about 686mm x 530mm x 559mm)
• Outside of lid: 27-5/8" x 21-11/16" (about 702mm x 551mm)
• Hatch Opening: 24-1/4" x 18-1/4" (about 616mm x 460mm)
• Cut out in the deck: 25-3/8" x 19-1/4" (about 645mm x 489mm)
• Height off of deck: 15/16" (about 24mm)

• Width across top: 25-1/4"
• Width across the bottom: 20"
• Fore and aft: 19-1/8"
• Thickness: 3/8"
• Handle holes center to center: 15-7/8"
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Bomar 1094-10AX