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Emergency Tiller Head C-30 Stainless Steel

Part #: K2018
This stainless steel version of the emergency tiller head is a vast improvement from the original cast aluminum design. Nothing's worse than having to suffer your emergency tiller head failing without warning when you need it most (which, of course is exactly when it would fail!).
Cast aluminum, by its nature, fails catastrophically with almost no deformation to warn you. Stainless steel will deform providing advance warning long before failure. We have made this part so robust it is unlikely to ever fail. In addition, a stainless tiller head eliminates the corrosion problem inherent in having an aluminum head mounted to a stainless steel rudder post. With stainless against stainless any galvanic corrosion problem is eliminated.

For use on any Catalina 30 with wheel steering built before September 1986 through hull number 4725.
• Inside Diameter: 2.365"
• For 1" diameter tubular tiller.
• Bolt: 3/8-16 x 3-1/2"

Remember that your boat was built by hand. Every rudder was installed in its hull and marked for length. It was then removed and trimmed. The tiller head casting was fitted and holes were drilled individually in the rudder shaft to match the holes in the casting. None of this work was done by robots. None of it was digital. It was accomplished by guys carrying around tools and rudders. Expect some amount of misalignment that will vary from one boat to the next. You may need to ream the holes in the tiller head or rudder tube to achieve a snug fit. We have purposely not made the holes oversize as this would introduce excess play into the system.

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