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Rudder Bearing Epoxy Repair Kit

Part #: Z5285

Repair your worn rudder tube and eliminate the looseness and vibration you can feel in your rudder.

Catalina Direct's exclusive kit includes: West System epoxy in pre-measured packets of resin and hardener that provides for the exact ratio of each. A container of colloidal silica and a container of graphite powder. The kit also includes a reusable syringe, mixing cups, gloves, the proper drill bit, spreader, mixing sticks, presaturated wipes, N95 particulate respirator, and a complete instruction booklet.

You create a new, hard and slippery bearing surface by injecting a layer of epoxy filled with tough colloidal silica and super slippery graphite powder between the rudder shaft and rudder tube. Excess space created by wear is eliminated. A new bearing surface is created and steering accuracy returns.

This is a prefect project to coordinate with other routine maintenance when your boat is out of the water. The rudder is removed to clean out any marine growth and accumulated debris. Then the rudder shaft is prepared for the bearing pads by waxing before it is reinstalled in the boat. This is also an ideal time to install new rudder washers. Since we don't know which boat this kit will ultimately be used on, see the related items below to choose the correct washers for your particular boat.