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Froli Bed Spring Comfort Retrofit C-30 Quarter Berth

Part #: K2107
Wake up refreshed after a night aboard. Now you can enjoy the comfort of an expensive innerspring mattress without even replacing your cushions.

As our boats (and bodies) age, we find that it is no longer as comfortable to sleep aboard as it once was. Newer, larger, more luxurious Catalinas are now equipped with inner spring mattresses to provide the depth of support necessary for a good nights sleep.

Consider our Custom Froli Berth Support System instead:
• Orthopedic support provides pressure relief.
• Wide range of adjustable firmness included with every kit.
• Firmness adjustable by zone top to bottom.
• Firmness adjustable based on each sailor's weight left to right.
• Modular construction makes system easy to install.
• Restores the resilience lost as foam ages.
• Active ventilation. Every time you shift in your sleep, air and moisture is expelled from under the cushions.
• Engineered and manufactured in Germany by Froli.
• Nested for shipping, a complete berth kit ships via UPS ground and does not incur oversize shipping charges.
This custom configured kit includes the correct number of each of the Froli parts for this berth:
• Full size spring bases to cover the entire area of your berth.
• Two rows of softer light blue springs to cradle your shoulders.
• Stiffer dark blue springs to cover the remainder of the berth.
• Sufficient half size springs and bases to fill in irregular areas as needed for your berth.
• Two rows of tension clips to add additional lumbar support for you lower back.
• Complete, easy to follow instructions.
1) Each kit is custom configured for the size and shape of your berth.

2) This kit is only for the starboard outboard half of the Catalina 30 quarter berth. See "More Images:" below for a drawing of the quarter berth. The quarter berth uses two cushions, split fore and aft. Often times the port half, which is directly under the cockpit, has insufficient room overhead for adults to sleep there. It is typically used for storage, making springs for that area unnecessary. However, if you find you would like to add springs under the cockpit as well, please call for a custom configuration.