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Deck Pipe and Cap Plastic

Part #: Z2401
During the Asian financial crisis of 1997, the Taiwanese company that made these deck pipe caps disappeared. When we learned of their failure, we bought the last of the old inventory from the importer. All of those parts were sold long ago.

No other replacement caps are available that have the same thread form and thread pitch. But we do have suitable replacement deck pipes that match.

We offer the three replacement deck pipe / cap assemblies (pictured below under "May we also suggest") that are a convenient retrofit:
• The mounting hole pattern matches
• The outside diameter of the flange matches
• The diameter of the mounting hole in the deck matches
You must replace the entire assembly, as the caps do not have the same thread pitch or diameter (we checked). Like your old cap(s), this replacement does not require a key to open. The replacements have a flip-up opener. They are now color coded to help avoid someone putting water in your fuel tank. Choose water, waste or fuel from the links below under "May we also suggest".

These black caps have not been made for decades. The thread pitch of the cap is different than our suggested replacements (see below) and therefore you cannot simply swap caps. But our Z2969 (waste), Z2970 (water), and Z2971 (diesel) are otherwise direct replacements for the old type black deck pipes. The required hole through the deck as well as the mounting screw hole pattern are a direct a match to the original black deck pipes.
Every deck pipe design is of a different diameter, thread form, and thread pitch. No other cap will work to replace your original deck pipe if it looks like the one in this primary photo. If you order any other deck pipe cap we offer it will not fit. You must replace both the cap and pipe assembly with one of the choices offered below.

The deck pipe is securely clamped to the top of the hose. The hose is very stiff. It is likely you will have to unclamp the hose from the tank before you will be able to lift the deck pipe up to remove the top clamps and replace the deck pipe.