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Galley Hand Pump

Part #: D1208
This piston type pump has applications in several different Catalina models over the years. In the Catalina 22 it was used as the sole fresh water supply pump in the galley. On larger Catalinas it was sometimes used as an auxiliary salt water pump (more common was a foot pump). Some customers report this pump is installed as a secondary fresh water pump in the galley. This provides convenient access to fresh water in the middle of the night without having to wake the entire crew by running the pressure pump.
Simple up, down pumping action. The body of the pump can be raised to fill a pot and lowered so it is out of the way by sliding it through its mounting bracket. The friction that controls this position is adjustable by way of a phillips head screw accessible in the top of the mounting base.

It is suitable for use with fresh water or with salt water when used as auxiliary galley pump to conserve your fresh water supply.
• Minimum height of pump above the top of the galley: 3-5/8"
• Maximum height of pump above the top of the galley (with pump body raised and pump handle at top of stroke): 15-5/16"
• Base dimensions: 1-1/4" x 3-3/16"
• Center to center of mounting fasteners: 2"Center of spout base to center of nozzle overhang: approx. 4-1/2"
• For hose diameter: 1/2" I.D.

The original pump used in the Catalina 22 sourced from the recreational vehicle industry is no longer available.
When used on the galley in a first generation Catalina 22 with a sliding galley, overall height from galley top to top of pump is important. If the pump is too high, the galley will not slide aft under the cockpit for storage. The available space above the galley varies over time and from boat to boat. Therefore you must measure the distance between the top of your galley to the underside of the lowest point overhead in the quarter berth to know if this pump will fit.

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