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Halyard Restrainer with Sheave, Harken Small

Part #: Z3754
Halyard restrainer used on larger Catalina models. A halyard restrainer prevents the halyard from wrapping around the forestay on a boat equipped with a roller furler which uses the boat's halyard. This a must-have for boats equipped with roller furlers, unless the roller furler is a CDI. For use with furlers 00AL, 0, and 1 Harken models, Schaefer furlers which use an aluminum foil, Hood furlers, and any others that use an upper swivel to allow use of the boat's jib halyard.

• Sheave diameter: 25 mm (~1")
• Width: 1-13/16"
• Height: 1-7/16"
• Fasteners: (6) 3/16 ss pop rivets or #10 round head (not included)
• Hole spacing, center to center, vertical: 1/2"
• Hole spacing, center to center, horizontal: 1-5/16"
• Maximum line diameter: 3/8"