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Selden Furlex C-30 Furling Gear Std or Tall Rig

Part #: K2154
A complete kit to add a brand new or refresh the old, tired furling gear on your Catalina 30. Suitable for standard or tall rig (including when equipped with bow sprit). Everything you need from furling hardware, to a new forestay, to the furling line and blocks to lead back to the cockpit. We have already selected the specialized components required to match the rest of the rigging on your C-30.

Selden's S-series Furlex system is well sized for the Catalina 30. It shares many features of Selden's larger furlers like the patented load distributor in the halyard swivel and the full-length distance tubes for smooth rotation.
• Forestay 7mm x 15.35m w/Sta-lok
Rigging screw provides turnbuckle functionality
• Engineered shapes lock rigging screw without use of cotter pins
• Aluminum Luff Foil w/6mm Luff Tape groove
• Foils incorporate full length forestay centering spacer (not just at the foil joints) for smooth rotation
• Fork toggle w/12mm (~1/2") pin
Furling Drum of polyamide composite with stainless steel reinforcement, bearings, and bearing races
• Halyard swivel composite stainless steel reinforcement, bearings, and bearing races
• Stainless steel sail feeder
• Halyard restrainer
• Stanchion lead blocks
• Furling line
1) All Selden furlers are logically equipped to accept the same size clevis pins at the masthead and the Stem Fitting. Although with thousands of boats sailing over many decades it has never proven to be an issue, there is an odd mismatch of pin size on the Catalina 30. It was built with a 1/2" diameter pin at the masthead and a smaller 3/8" turnbuckle pin at the stem. The stem fitting must be drilled a bit larger, to at least 12mm (0.472") or 1/2" to accommodate the slightly larger matching pin.

2) Given the vintage of all Catalina 30's by now, it is wise to carefully check the stem for any signs of cracks while you have everything apart. Replace as necessary.