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Bobstay W/ Turnbuckle, C-30

Part #: K1803
The original bobstay was typically fitted to the boat without a turnbuckle. When the boat was under construction, the bow tang could be mounted to the hull in a position that would accommodate the particular length of its bobstay. Therefore each boat's bobstay tang can be in a somewhat different location. Later boats had a bobstay fabricated with a turnbuckle included, like ours.
When a new bobstay is made, we include a turnbuckle so the bobstay can be installed with the proper tension regardless of the original configuration.
• Fully extended: ~4' 7-1/2"
• Fully tightened: ~4' 3-3/4"

With 3-3/4" of adjustment there is typically plenty of adjustment, but since these boats are hand built it is always wise to check the pin to pin dimension on your boat before ordering. If you need a different length, please call our sales staff for assistance.